A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Leaving Silas Tonight

A short Hollstein fan game about your first shaky steps in a relationship with a vampire.


Leaving Silas Tonight — PC (v2) 96 MB
Leaving Silas Tonight — Mac (v2) 79 MB


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very simple and based on color stains, original visual design (even if it's based on photos... :) ). but the textbox is a little too big

music could be better and more matching to the some scenes. But it's only one more little detail

the concept of friendship transforming into into love is a little  bit used but still very good and works great in this game

Game was a little bit short 
multiple choices, intersting plot, characters...
Yeah,I know it's all based on ship between two charactes from web series which I never heard of xD. So I didn't get few topics, backstories of charcters, places, plot and few references. (I usually don't play games based on ships or fanfics!).  But it it still was fun to play :) 


It's hard not to love a good vampire romance and this didn't disappoint. Characters with good chemistry, a totally novel artstyle and comfortable music really leaves you wanting more.